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Setting Up a US Subsidiary

Setting up a US company as a non-resident is easy when you have a reliable agent with extensive international experience to guide you. Whether using a US company for international trade (as an offshore company), to establish a subsidiary of an existing foreign company, or to start a new business based in the USA, with the proper guidance the process will be reasonably fast and efficient. Simply click on the link below to access the Incbert™ preliminary questionnaire.

With over 25 years of company formation experience and a highly diversified staff and access to an extensive network of experts in many fields, Incbert™ is uniquely positioned to quickly and effectively guide provide you with company formation and ongoing registered agent, company secretarial and other services that will help you focus on actually running your business and getting off to a successful start.

To help you get your new company started in the most efficient way, Incbert™ has designed a simple process for you to get started. Once you submit the following short questionnaire to us, our Incbert™ specialists will get back to you with recommendations within one business day.

Call us at 800-841-3958 (Se Habla Español) if you would like to speak to our Incbert™ specialists.

We have provided a set of five useful, fully detailed discussions of the more popular states for incorporation, including fees, etc. Simply click each one to access the appropriate page.

> Wyoming Limited Liability Companies (in .PDF format)
> New York Limited Liability Companies (in .PDF format)
> Delaware Limited Liability Companies (in .PDF format)
> Delaware Corporations (in .PDF format)
> Arkansas Limited Liability Companies (in .PDF format)

To learn more about US subsidiaries and incorporation, simply click on one of the links below.

> How to Set Up a US Subsidiary (in .PDF format)
> Introduction to Incorporating in the US (in .PDF format)
> Why Multinationals Prefer an Incorporated Subsidiary, Not Just a Branch (in .PDF format)

Send your questions and comments to us by email at or contact us by phone - Toll-free in USA and Canada: 800-841-3958 (Se Habla Español)


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